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Built By Chris Shakespeare
Theme Lego Racer
First Race ???
Current Status Active
Motor Vevor 2000W
ESC White box e-bike controller 1500W
Battery 2 x 6S 12Ah in series
Gearbox No Geabox
Contact ??
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LEtsGO BakingTrays.jpeg

Theme is to look like Lego blocks. It uses baking trays sprayed in various bright coloured car paints

It takes the 2022 Hacky Racer, Jeepney, and re-themes and improves on that basic design


How is the chassis constructed?

Majority of the chassis is constructed from 20mm x 20mm box section. Its fully welded together

The box section used allows a level of flex over rough surfaces that is beneficial

Steering? Geometry?

Steering is direct in the style of a go-kart Its has a lot of negative camber, probably too much!

Where are your wheels, tyres, hubs, axles from?

Majority of components are from mini ATVs

There are 2 sizes of wheel/tyre available depending on conditions. 13x5.00-6 145x70-6

How do your brakes work?

Single brake disc on the rear axle with a hydraulic braking system using components from an ATV The master brake cylinder is actuated directly from the brake pedal

Brake Disc


Motor Uses a single Vevor 2000W motor mounted to allow the chain tension to be adjusted

ESC Whitebox 1500W e-bike controller that may/may not of had the shunt modified to allow more current

Details of chain and gear ratio? 11:74 sprockets through a chain

Do you have a diff? No diff fitted, a single solid axle

Where is your battery from? Hobbyking but now consistently out of stock

Other Features


Changing the wheel/tyre changes the ratio of the gearing by a few percent which can be handy


Fully Charge Live 2023 - forgot my placement

Scrumpy cup - overall 1st for racing, overall 1st including moxie


Item Cost Total
Motor £xx £xx
Wheels £xx
... ...


The solid rear axle causes prodigious understeer at time


More detail on https://www.facebook.com/JacklsRobots/

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