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Built By East Essex Hackspace
Theme Jeep 18 - Jurrasic Park
First Race EMF2024
Current Status Active
Motor Vevor 1800W
ESC Stock Vevor controller
Battery 13S 600Ah custom built LiFePO4
Gearbox No Geabox
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pre modifications

East Essex Hackspace built Velociracer to compete in the EMF2024 hackyracer races, using an old broken jeep toy which was subsequently reinforced. The original jeep was badly sun damaged, the plastics mostly broken and the electrics very rusty. When covered in grey primer, we realised it looked a little like Jeep 18 from the Jurrasic Park series, so we reinforced that with red styling and stickers.

The 12v 4x4 drivers were removed and replaced by a single 1800w motor and a go cart axle which was turned on the lathe to accept a mobility scooter diff as it wasn't going round corners.

The battery was built from individual cells, donated by one of the hackspace users who builds motorbikes to beat the electric motorbike land speed records as these were no longer allowed to be used.

Velociracer has twin brakes.

Build Team

Andy Pugh
Nick Reynolds
Tim Neobard (though all his work was cut out as his welding was awful)

Build Log

A comprehensive build log can be found here:



Item URL Quant Price Total Bought?
Vevor 1.8kw Motor, controller & accelerator does not resolve 1 New £87.99 £87.99 Yes
Steel IMS £15.50 for 6m 3 New £15.50 £46.50 Yes
Wheels 1 New £56.96 £56.96 Yes
Cart Axle & Hubs 1 Used £67.00 £67.00 Donated
Mobility Scooter Differential 1 Used £25.00 £25.00 Yes
Front steering 1 New £48.00 £48.00 Yes
Toy frame 1 Free £0.00 £0.00 Donated
Seat 1 Used £23.45 £23.45 Donated
Stickers 2 New £3.56 £7.12 No
Grey plastic primer 3 New £5.95 £17.85 Yes
Red Paint 1 New £5.49 £5.49 No
Silver paint 3 New £6.25 £18.75 No
Chain T8F 1 New £12.99 £12.99 No

Non Costed

URL Quant Price Total £233.24
Battery Not costed £0.00 £0.00 Donated?
Brake caliper Donated £0.00 Donated
Brake calipers, pair 1 New £29.75 £29.75
Brake master cylinder 1 Donated £19.99 £19.99 Donated
Brake master cylinder 1 New £13.58 £13.58 Yes
Brake master cylinder pair 1 New £17.59 £17.59 Yes
Brake hose 2 New £12.99 £25.98 Yes
Brake disk 2 New £38.00 £76.00 Yes
Fuse & fuse holder New £4.49 £0.00 Yes
Spare fuses £0.00 Came with 2
8 AWG battery cable 2 £12.99 £25.98 Yes
Mylar sheet for insulation 1 New £12.39 £12.39 Yes
Balance lead crimp terminals 1 New £3.99 £3.99 Yes
Battery rubber mounts 1 New £7.99 £7.99 Yes
Anderson connectors 4 New £2.86 £11.42 Yes
8AWG lug connectors 2 New £0.57 £1.14 Yes
Internal 50A mid-pack fuse 1 New £2.34 £2.34 Yes